Concept of Love (Translation)

Have you ever thought for a moment, sit, drink tea, or anything related to it, asking others about the love ??? well, I think that love is freedom, free like what ??? free as we believe freedom of liberty all or just yourself. have you ever daydream and ask ourselves about love ??? Well I’ll answer that Love is a mystery even mysterious ??mysteries like what ??? Mysteries fascinate everyone was amazed at our upward or downward amazed us. Have you once again thinking and daydreaming asked God about love ??? I will be silent and may be silent about love because love is a belief in which we put our belief in things that are not absolutely that can change in a matter of a change either improved or deteriorated. So the conclusion from the love of what ?? Love is full of mystery freedom in which there is a belief that we are in control and power to be good or bad.


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